Let It Go

Yes, the Disney Let It Go. This was honestly not what I had planned for today, but I always try to follow inspiration, so here goes! 

Although I’ve heard the words to this song a time or two, when I heard it today, it was a different me listening. Recently, you may have seen my video posts about taking imperfect action and how the lifestyle we choose lets our light shine brighter! Here’s what resonated today.

Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand
In the light of day
Let the storm rage on
The cold never bothered me anyway
— Let It Go Lyrics - Idina Menzel


I’m going to go line by line and hopefully you'll be inspired like I was!

Let it go. Really (do this!): take a breath in, feel your lungs move and your stomach soften and fill, and notice yourself letting go as you exhale. Because this is how we tune in to this present moment. We notice the sensation of our lungs expanding, relax our stomach, and notice the sensation of letting go.

That perfect girl is gone. I mean, she might pop in for a visit every now and then, but she doesn’t actually reside here anymore. That perfect girl was the one who was a little afraid to step out, afraid of failing, afraid of not getting it all just right… and so she didn’t. She played small and ventured a little, but mostly kept to what she could excel at or wasted a lot of energy feeling bad at what she wasn’t. She’s gone, baby – bye bye bye. This girl TAKES IMPERFECT ACTION!!!! This girl knows that mistakes are RESEARCH!!!!! This girl trusts that forward motion means you can course correct along the way.

Here I stand, in the light of day. I’m showing up. I’m letting my light shine. I’m stepping into my spotlight. I’m patient and gentle with myself and I trust that showing up and doing the work I’m led to do means saying YES to opportunity. Because I’m tuning in and showing up, ‘here I stand’ means that I know exactly who I am and what I want, and I’m not afraid of that – I’m empowered by that. Here I stand means I’m stepping up to being who I always wanted to become, in the light of day. Not hiding. Not playing small. Not scared. Fear is excitement without the breath!

Let the storm rage on. Roll on, roller coaster. Life is swirling all around us, and it always will be. Sometimes we pretend that we can’t relax unless we’re lying on a tropical beach. But the truth is that your peace, and your experience of being present and relaxed, isn’t dependent on the world around you. It requires you only to breathe. Don’t believe me; try it. Notice the air come in through your nose, fill your lungs, relax and soften your belly. Notice yourself letting go as you exhale. The air is a little cooler as it comes in your nose; a little warmer as it comes out. In any moment, there is nothing more required of you than to simply breathe. It might seem like you’d never get anything done if you’re relaxed and breathing with a soft stomach. The truth? I won’t lie. The truth is that it actually energizes your action to come from a present, relaxed place, even in the middle of a raging storm.

The cold never bothered me anyway. The cold, external chaos can’t touch a girl who’s on fire. It’s that glowing, emotional shine that lights you from within. It’s passion, delight, and incidentally, metabolism. Whaaaaat?!!!! I snuck that in on you, didn’t I? So, you’re probably going to want to SHOW UP for my Mindful Metabolism workshop!!!!!!! Info coming this week!

Why? Because as a wellness coach, I work with women who are anxious, weary, frustrated with fluctuating weight, and feel guilty for not showing up as their best for their family. I help them gain energy, confidence, peace, and be their most loving, glowing selves.

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