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When I found this little pepper plant, I laughed, thinking about how peppers tasted spicy to me when I was little.  And all at once, I realized that I'M "spicy!"  I felt delighted by this recognition, instead of discouraged that I'm slightly less "sweet!"  It's a perfect fit!  The spicy represents me, but also the emergence of self acceptance, self love, and delight in the person you really are and were created to be, at this moment.  That's a life changing process for most people, I believe!  And you know, those peppers are actually kind of... sweet! 

I've always been particularly drawn to trees.  They are a guiding force for me in nature, and they represent the building blocks of all life.  Trees are strong because of their roots, and it's been a journey for me to plant my roots, cultivate them, and grow into a strong woman, wife, mother, friend, helper, healer.  Roots include family, and finding the strength of their gifts (sometimes it takes some digging!).  Roots are the values, habits, and choices upon which you build your life.  The focus of my work as a health coach is to collaborate with you in creating and maintaining a strong, rooted foundation from which to grow and thrive!