Hi!  I'm Melissa Snyder.

I am a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and the Health Coach Institute, where I've spent the past 3 years cultivating coaching skills to support women in reaching their goals!  I'm thrilled to begin sharing my expertise in gaining clarity, enjoying energetic health, and living a purposeful, fulfilling life! 

I'm a truth seeker, life lover, avid learner, and courageous adventurer, and I believe I’m here on this earth to LIGHT PEOPLE UP! I infuse peaceful, centered calm with badass personal power. I’m a wife of one fantastic hubby and the mother of 3 awesome teenage girls; love reading, creative problem solving, and all types of movement, especially skiing and rock(wall) climbing; and am acutely interested in physical and emotional healing. I’m passionate about the heart- and soul-centered work I do as a coach, meditation teacher, and yoga instructor, and grateful for the opportunity to meet people like you!

One of the foundations of my coaching philosophy that sets me apart from other health care professionals is the concept of primary and secondary food.  Primary food is what truly nourishes our being: relationships, career, exercise, and spirituality.  Secondary food is the food we eat.  If primary food isn't happening in a sustainable way, no amount of food will satisfy you, and no amount of kale will heal you.  The food you eat is important to give your cells the most efficient fuel, but food alone can't fix an unhappy life, any more than primary food can prevent disease in the presence of an unhealthy diet.  Many forms of nourishment are necessary and work together for our well-being!

I look forward to supporting you on your journey toward loving who you are and becoming who you want to be!