Motivaction Monday: The Power of Intention

I set an intention at the end of last year that I wanted to heal and release some old, stuck injuries and dis-ease in my body that I’ve been carrying around for 20 years or so. I had no idea HOW to do this. And here’s where most people stop. But I’d like to tell you how powerful an intention - one that you BELIEVE in, even if you don’t know how - can be.

One of my stuck places was an old injury at the very top of my hamstring. It never really healed properly, and has oscillated from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful over the past 20 years. I held this intention, slowly exploring possibilities, over 8 months, until some major breakthroughs started occurring. 8 months! By now, most people have long forsaken their original intention, or squandered their goal into the debilitating “nothing works for me.” Hogwash! Not knowing HOW to do something is the place of CREATION. If you already know the answer to something, you’re coming from an experience you already know how to have. If you want a new experience, you have to be WILLING TO NOT KNOW! To be open to creation. That’s the tricky part: staying OPEN, day after day.

Well, here’s what started opening up and revealing itself to me as the result of staying open and willing. I work with a lot of people to help them tune in and be able to receive their body wisdom. I’m able to do this because I’ve spent many, many years navigating the process, experimenting, and approaching the concept from many angles! The result is that now I’m easily able to access the wisdom of my body and let healing unfold. It’s a process with layers (like onions and ogres!). The message I started to receive from my hamstrings, as they are healing, is that I’ve been living my life from a place of hold-back, rather than a pull-toward. This is a huge shift! On the physical plane, I’ve been running with the hold-back/slow down muscles! I started practicing engaging the quads instead, and it’s a completely different experience! To run from a place of being pulled toward, rather than a place of hold-back. What a concept!!!!!

Now, how might we apply that to other areas in life? Where might you be holding back in places you’re called to MOVE FORWARD?

So as an action today, I’m inviting everyone to do a hamstring stretch! To let yourself breathe into all the resistance that goes on when we start to let go of all the hold back, and open up to the wisdom within that invites you to step forward.

It doesn’t make sense to go back. Going forward is the invitation, should you choose to accept. Are you willing to stretch with me?!