Wednesday Wisdom

Woohoooo!!! Were you Waiting for Wednesday? For some delicious health insight?! See how I did that there? Delicious? Because how we do one thing is how we do EVERYTHING, right? This connection is SUPER important!

I really want to spell it out for you, tribe. If you’re rushing around and grab something to eat on the fly, notice that you eat in a rushed way, without really chewing. Notice that if you’ve got this lingering worry about your job/kids/spouse/life, you’re lingering with the chips or ice cream (or both). Just let yourself notice for a moment how the way you eat reflects the way you’re feeling. Maybe even the “stuffing” yourself thing… perhaps there’s some area in your life that feels a little empty.  Let the noticing be good, no judgement… just a little observation.

This observation is SUPER important! Because, unless we are aware of all this happening, we are both mindless about it and powerless to change it. Let’s break it down in a really bare-bones way: Stress, tension, worry - whatever word you relate that rushing, crowded thinking with - turns on the sympathetic nervous system (this means: fight or flight. Shut down digestion). Relaxation turns on the parasympathetic nervous system (this means: rest and digest. Turn on digestion). So before we even think about what to eat, we’ve got to turn digestion on… otherwise, out bodies do not absorb nutrients, cannot convert food into energy (anyone tired?!), and we’re in an inflamed state before we’ve even taken a bite (read: chronic disease!). Ok, got a little blah-blah-blah there… are you still with me?

I’ve got BOTH a gift and an invitation for you today! (Rubbing my hands together in excitement!!!) First, the gift – a solution, because I am all about RESULTS!!!!! And this is really a gift that keeps on giving, in any moment. Read slowly (and maybe re-read, copy, paste, and print)!

If a problem looks difficult, relax.
If it looks impossible, relax even more.
Then begin encouraging small changes, putting just enough pressure on yourself to move one turtle step forward.
Then rest, savor, celebrate.
Then step again.
Slow is fast. Gentle is powerful. Stillness moves mountains.

This is exactly what I do as a health coach. I teach you how to relax (who’d-a-thunk we’d need to be taught that?!). I show you how to translate what you know (yeah. You know you need more greens, less sugar, more water, less stress) into what you do...and even what you WANT to do. I break overwhelming goals into easy, manageable turtle steps. I shine a light on the shadows of doubt, and inspire you to be accountable for your dreams. Are you worried about holiday weight gain or starting to feel a seasonal mood shift? Are you struggling to keep up with life and wishing you had more energy?

If there’s any area in your life you feel could be 1% better, then I invite you to schedule a free Breakthrough Session with me. It’s easy to schedule at

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