A Thanksgiving Gift

Hey tribe! As a way to express how thankful I am for your support, I’ve got a commitment for you! I realized that in my coaching program, I’m asking you to take a leap of faith. I’m asking you to envision your best self, and be willing to embark on the journey to get there. That can be scary. It requires you to say YES to doing the “DO,” feeling the “FEAR,” and being patient and gentle with yourself along the way. I’m asking you to do something that stretches you out of your comfort zone and requires you to show up for yourself. And I’m prepared to hold that space for you. But I’ve been shirking away from the ONE place that requires me to do the same in the BIGGEST way for me.


The place that requires my committed consistency. The outlet that offers me the opportunity to do the DO, feel the fear, and be gentle with myself along the way. So I’m stepping up, and I’m showing up! This task feels scary for me and requires me to be SEEN by others. I’m committing to offering a WEEKLY blog post as my way to consistently serve and inspire you. My blog won’t always be about nutrition, because food is not the only thing that lets us shine. It will be about every, and any, area of life – because how we do ONE thing is how we do EVERYTHING. My blog will be about supporting you and encouraging you to grow into the best version of you, as I grow into the best version of me. It will ultimately, over time, intertwine body, mind, heart, and soul, because we are spiritual beings in a material world (and I am a material girl?!). It will include, but not be limited to, relationships, parenting, career, exercise, food, hobbies… anything relatable: uplifting, inspiring, or even purposefully painful and authentically dark, because life is a full spectrum experience.

So here we go!!!! I'm kicking off with a timely post about the Thanksgiving meal! The one that you may be anticipating, dreading, or both. The kick-off to the holiday festivities and seasonal chow-down mode. I've observed some comments about this meal that I've been contemplating, and I'd like to offer you a humble re-frame. I heard one person say something about "eat a lot and regret it later," and I heard another comment that they weren't worried about the turkey, (protein), but they were about the pie. As always, I like to decide if a viewpoint serves me. So here is a re-frame that has always empowered me and allowed me to delightfully enjoy every holiday meal I've ever had: Eat. ENJOY. Repeat. Without regret.

Whaaaaat?! Aren't I a health coach?! Aren't I supposed to be schooling you on carb/protein/fat balance?! Telling you to eat a piece of fruit instead of pie?!!!! Share my Brussels sprout recipe?!!!!  I can, if you want me to, but likely, you already know all that. And you know full well you're still gonna rock out the Thanksgiving dinner! SO, my re-frame for you is that I believe guilt and crap feelings are actually unhealthier than pie. I also think tuning out and gorging doesn't serve your body. So I offer you a possibility, one that I see serving me and bringing me a ton of delight in food over the years (without a ton of guilt or weight gain): Wake up and move your body - even if it's a half pushup or 10 squats! Eat a great breakfast. Have some lunch (I swear, your body doesn't work as efficiently in the starve and stuff mode). Eat what feels delicious to you at dinner. Chew it, taste it, breathe in the spirit of gratitude and giving that is highlighted all month long. Give yourself, and your body, a delightful experience. Stop when you're full - pace yourselves people! Slooooow it all down and love what you're eating. You can heat the other half of your plate up in an hour when you're starving again! And for goodness sake, enjoy your pie!

There you go: permission from a professional to love the food you eat. GO!! I've got all year to school you on the rest!!!!! :)

Here's the brussels sprout recipe, as a sneak preview on upgrading your choices!  http://juliasalbum.com/2015/10/roasted-brussels-sprouts-cinnamon-butternut-squash-pecans-and-cranberries/

I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving in whatever capacity that means for you. Blessings, friends!