Yoga Wisdom: Day 4

You. Must. Breathe. Gently. The tendency is to hold your breath when you’re uncomfortable. To be successful in dealing with stress you must learn to feel discomfort, nerves, tension, anxiousness WITH YOUR BREATH. Soften your belly! Let yourself feel, and let yourself stay with it. Most of the stress from feeling pain, discomfort, anxiety comes from freaking out about the feeling! It's okay to feel what you are experiencing, and you reduce the stress when you breathe into it. When you notice your lungs expand, and relax and soften your stomach as you breathe in, and then notice yourself gently letting go of that breath, you allow yourself to BE, instead of trying not to be what you are. And that's what you're here to do: Be what and who you are. You actually change the physical makeup and configuration of your brain when you breathe into fear, worry, discomfort. You actually shift from the shadow of who you are, to the light of who you are. Simply by breathing.