DO Something!

Well hello there, readers! I took a few weeks off of showing up, partly because, you know, Christmas, but partly because I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Are there any of you out there? Stuck? Overwhelmed? It happens, right? And you know I'm going to show you why it's a positive, right?!

I don't know exactly how it happens for you, but the stuck starts for me with a little tiny speck of a shadow of self doubt. I feel all this forward momentum and take some super cool strides, and then it creeps up on me slowly, usually in the form of a slight dip in my energy. It's kind of sneaky, that self doubt... I don't usually recognize it right away as such. The energy dip distracts me, and as I do a little scramble dance trying to figure out if I need to switch up a workout, or maybe add in a meditation time, or maybe a delicious veggie or more protein is just what I need to up my energy.... as I try to sort that out, I get a little overwhelmed. I'm not quite sure where I should be focusing. And boom, before I know it, I'm doubting it all, tribe. I'm stepping back from the plate. I'm tired, irritated, indecisive, and I don't know which way exactly is up, or forward. Does this ever happen to you?

Oh, that sneaky self doubt! Luckily, I've done this cycle a time or two and I have some ideas to renew your passion and focus... and if these don't work for you, see if reading this ignites a new possibility! 

First, the bottom line here is that all that self doubt and negativity? It simply isn't true. Not even a little bit. It's born from fear, and that fear has a lovely, protective purpose. So listen, thank the fear and doubt, let it know you hear its concern. And then tune into the truth. Your truth. Marianne Williamson says one of my favorite things about this topic:

We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?” Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won’t feel insecure around you. You were born to manifest the glory of God that is within you, and as you let your light shine, you give others permission to do the same. As you are liberated from your own fear, your presence automatically liberates others.
— Marianne Williamson

THAT is the truth! Step back up to the plate, baby. The world needs exactly what you have to offer, today. And yes. You. CAN. 

Second, DO SOMETHING! It doesn't matter how small, but you've got to stop dragging your feet (like I was, writing this blog, or like you are... what are you putting off?) and take one, simple, easy action. Here's my DO, folks. I decided to celebrate the fact that I'm starting to teach a yoga class at the YMCA next week by posting 7 days of yoga wisdom. I wrote these yoga lessons a few years ago, and thought they were for my daughters. I feel like there's a better chance that if I share them with you, you won't roll your eyes and you'll LOVE it! For the next 7 days, I'll be posting a short burst of yoga wisdom for real life, from my heart to yours! 


Yoga Wisdom Day 1:

Do not compare yourself to the people around you. You aren't supposed to look or act like someone else - you are supposed to look like and act like you. Someday, God will not ask, "Why were you not Taylor Swift/Mother Teresa/Fill in the blank." He will ask, "Why were you not [insert your name here!]."