Get Rid of Wrinkles!

What's your favorite thing to do when you feel jumbled up or stressed? What's something you do when you feel out of sync or frustrated that brings you back to your center, your peace? Mine is to run. This morning, I went out for a run. Just as I started settling into my pace and my dialogue with God (which involves a lot of listening), I started to hear the message that all I needed to do was feel the earth, breathe, and trust. I started to focus on that, and it took me a few repetitions (slightly louder and clearer each time) to stop, take my shoes off, and walk the rest of the way - feeling the earth, breathing, and trusting.

There's something quite spectacular about feeling perfectly comfortable and peaceful with looking a little odd - you could try it sometime! Whenever I follow that inner guidance, inspiration is usually on its way. So here's what came up today: a brand new theory. My theory is that if you don't want wrinkles, then don't act old. Let me expand on all the images and messages that gifted me by trusting my intuition this morning.

If you don’t want wrinkles, then don’t act old!
— Spicy Roots


Let's take a little lesson from our smooth-skin babies. How do they respond to the world around them? In the sun, they walk barefoot and do cannonballs. In the rain, it's rain boots, umbrellas (maybe), and splashing in puddles. Snow? SNOW!!!! Catch snowflakes, make snow angels and snow people, fly down hills, snuggle by the fire. I think it's quite possible that worrying about clothes and hair and jiggling, day after day, gives you wrinkles. Worrying about anything at all. If you don't want wrinkles, then don't act shriveled up - open up to the experience of being alive, of feeling and enjoying the world around you, and being present with each moment and what it has to offer you.

I've been noticing that quite often, adults do "old" things with their actions - they are reserved, not carefree. They are a little more stationary, not so active. And worry, worry, worry. Yet our feelings and emotional responses become increasingly more childish... immediate gratification, carelessness with our money, health, relationships. Does it seem a little backwards that as "adults," we don't want to splash our clothes, get anything dirty, or feel hot or cold, yet we are easily willing to eat food that creates disease (because I don't like that green stuff. Pout!), buy things we don't have money for (because I want it NOW!), or scold our children for splashing in puddles (because you'll ruin my outfit and make me late! Eye roll!)?

Today, my intention is to trust my inner knowing and delight in the world around me. To draw inspiration and learn from the children around me. And paradoxically, doesn't that teach them how to learn?

How about you? What's your intention for this beautiful day?